This eBook is written by numerous educators who have an in-depth, and often a personal, understanding of your role, responsibilities and context.  Full of practical advice, this resource is designed to help you be an efficient and effective program director.  The topics covered in this handbook are informed by experienced educators and they are designed it to help you make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.  We hope that the comprehensive list of  topics will also help you to identify, mitigate and move through common challenges.


Introduction to being a Program Director


01. Getting started as a new program director

02. Reflections of seasoned program directors (coming soon)

03. Reflections of a seasoned Program Director – Part 2 (coming soon)

04. The role of the program administrator

05. Succession planning and handing over



15. Leading change and leadership skills (coming soon)

16. Challenges for large residency programs

17. Challenges for small (or very small) residency programs (coming soon)

18. Engaging faculty in residency education (coming soon)



19. Committees

20. Residency Program Committee (coming soon)

21. Understanding Competence Committees


Program Evaluation and Accreditation

26. Program evaluation

27. Accreditation (CanERA) (coming soon)